Saturday, March 16, 2013

Roosevelt Lake

We decided to take a drive up to Roosevelt Lake for the day one weekend when our friend's the Harper's were up there camping.  It was so nice out and both of us mentioned that it was nice to get up on the weekend have have somewhere to go and get out and do something.  It was about 2 hours away and such a pretty drive.  We have also been invited to the lake many many many times in the past and have never gone.  So we packed up the car and headed out.  Driving in the desert this time of year is absolutely beautiful...all of the wild flowers are in bloom and it is GREEN!!!!

As soon as we got there, Rylee instantly made herself at home, started talking everyone's ears off and started playing and checking out the water with her buddy Landon.


We also got to go on a boat ride to see the dam and went out in a canoe (Rylee was all about it until she was in and we went out in the water, then not so much).

"Boat, Boat" 

She was pretty much paralyzed and freaked out as soon as we went out into the water haha

I loved the cacti around the lake.  Definitely not what we are used to seeing at the lake.

"On a pontoon" She lasted about 5 minuted before she fell asleep.

Pretty much the cutest couple of kiddos ever!!!

Awkward family Jackie photo :)

Next time we will definitely have to dig out all of our camping gear and stay the night or weekend up there, it was a great place to go hang out with even better friends!

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